Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

I had been of late using the internet to pay bill and purchase goods. Let me put forth my experiences, i.e. advantages and disadvantages of online shopping in a clear manner. Reading these tips will really have an impact on your current shopping style. Let me start it with the advantages of online shopping.

Advantages of online shopping

  • Numerous companies compete to make you their customer by offering various discounts & free stuff!
  • The pricing of good are surprisingly low! (25-30%)
  • Only in the internet can you find 100% money back guarantee
  • No need to dress up or spend time on shopping!
  • Get everything at the comfort of my home
  • No need to stand in a long queue for paying my telephone and electricity bills!
  • Need not run from table to table to transfer money
  • Avoid the rush in booking tickets
  • Compare products and prices with a click

Now let me tell you the disadvantages of online shopping. This also includes some of the worst scenario I faced in online shopping. My first bitter experience was when I paid the travel agent for my visit to Japan. It was a job offer from a scam and I weren’t aware that scams existed in the internet. It all happened years ago! My calculations went terribly wrong! I thought that only educated and genuine people were using the internet for creative and good work. Only after losing a good sum did I understand that criminals do exist in the world of internet. The travel agent was from England ironically British people were the most trustworthy and honest people of yesteryears! Now let me list out the disadvantages of online shopping.

Disadvantages of online shopping

  • Scams are there all over the internet!
  • Everything in the internet is non tangible making it difficult for you to decide
  • Too good to trust offers are probably scams
  • Even if the online store is genuine Phishing is a big problem!
  • Trojans are yet another risk factor!
  • You need to wait for days to actually use the product you ordered
  • You cannot rely on online stores for urgent needs
  • Often freebies offered are of inferior quality

Let me tell you in detail how to avoid scams and enjoy online shopping in the future posts.


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